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The 750m Phillip Island Go Kart track is a replica of the world-renowned Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit.


750 M


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Go Kart track

The Go Kart track is situated alongside the circuit adjacent to the Southern Loop. The smooth curves and super-fast straight of the unique Go Kart track are strung along some of the most breathtaking coastline on the Island with rolling hills, rugged cliffs, and ocean to horizon views.

This is your chance to get the feeling that so many past and present champions have had the privilege of. This scale replica Go Kart track is the only one like it in Australia and will give you and your friends a Go Kart experience like no other.

Feel the speed of Turn 1, followed by the stunning ocean views around the Southern Loop. Take advantage of the good passing opportunity into a tight Turn 4. Experience the sweeping corner around Siberia and the thrilling sudden drop off from Lukey Heights into MG corner and back onto the main straight.

Phillip Island Circuit - Go Karts - Driving Hints

Driving Hints

To complete your fastest lap on the Phillip Island Go Kart track, the idea is to drive the shortest distance as quickly as possible. To achieve this you need to flatten the corners out as much as possible while maintaining your highest possible terminal speed.

To “flatten” a corner out you must maximise the Entry, Apex and Exit points.

Turn ONE Example

Approach from the far left of the main straight (Entry Point). Turn in and aim your right front wheel at the inside of the corner (Apex Point). Drive through the corner and let the Go Kart drift out to the far left edge of the track (Exit Point).

Other key corners include Turn 4, 6 & 10. Of course, if the track is wet then these lines change altogether. Practice is the key to a good lap time and our Go Kart staff are always happy to give you a few extra pointers!

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